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Knipex Linesman Pliers

Although there are many brands on the market, in my opinion, these are the ultimate electrician’s pliers with the best features and highest quality for long lasting reliability in a demanding line of work.

Klein Demo Screwdriver

This is my go-to screwdriver that’s made to take a beating day after day!

More Featured Resources

Klein Pocket Pouch

For those of us who don’t always wear a bulky tool pouch, this is the best way I’ve found to save your pockets from damage.

Klein 39 Pocket Tool Backpack

When a rolling bag just isn’t an option, the backpack is a great way to get your tools from the parking lot to the jobsite.

Husky Rolling Tool Bag (Red)

Balancing cost and duarbility, this rolling tool bag will help get the job done!

Toughbuilt Electrician’s Kit

This modular pouch system makes it easy to adapt to the demands of current task and is built to last.

Toughbuilt Electrician’s Pouch

Toughbuilt Drill Holster

Toughbuilt Modular Belt

Toughbuilt Meter Pouch

Klein #2 Phillips Screwdriver

The trade standard for Phillips head screws.

Klein 11-in-1

A must-have tool for finish and exploratory work.

Klein Tape Measure

Durable and packed with features just for Electricians!

Ideal Wire Strippers

Comfortable and versatile, consider this a multi-tool for every Electrician!

SOG Electricians Pocket Knife

SOG has proven to me personally to be reliable for decades!

Lighted Level for Electricians

Strong magnets and a backlight make this level essential for your line of work!

Knipex 10″ Cobra Pliers

These have outperformed any other brand that I have used and are by far my favorite tool for many tasks!

Klein Hammer

Made just for Electricians and built to last. I’ve used mine for over 30 years!

Klein Diagonal Pliers

Another must have tool for electrical work, period.

Morakniv Knife

The best and safest Electrician’s knife I’ve ever owned!

Morakniv Diamond Sharpener

Keep your knives sharp with diamonds!

Seatek Roto Stripper

A must have tool for anyone installing metal clad, flex or armored cable.

Seatek Roto Blades

Extra blades fit right into the roto-handle for convenience.

Klein Hacksaw Frame

The right tool for the right job! When a battery tool just won’t do.

Hacksaw Blades

A fresh blade gets it done quicker.


For fast field cuts in PVC so you don’t get dirt in your battery saw!

PVC Cutter

Make fast and square cuts for your underground PVC up to 2-inch.

Thrunite TC12 Flashlight

Super bright, compact, rechargeable and reliable. What more could you ask for?

Proximity Tester

Test before you touch! The flashlight is a great feature too!

Knopp Tester

My go-to meter for testing and troubleshooting line voltage.

Fluke 117 Multimeter

So many features backed by a reliable brand.

Fluke 117/323 Meter Set

Two essential meters for electricians from one industry standard.

Klein Zipper Storage Bags

Keep tools organized with these durable storage bags.

Klein Screwdriver Kit

All the basic screwdrivers from the industry standard of electrical tools.

Klein Nut Driver Kit

The most common sizes for the trade and extra long hollow shafts will help make your tool kit complete.

1/2″ Conduit Bender

Lightweight aluminum design with degree and multiplier scales and other features for all of your bending needs.

3/4″ Conduit Bender

Lightweight aluminum design with degree and multiplier scales and other features for all of your bending needs.

1″ Conduit Bender

Lightweight aluminum design with degree and multiplier scales and other features for all of your bending needs.

Greenlee 1/2″ – 2″ Slug-o-Buster Knockout Set

Always be ready with your KO! Use the ratchet or drive it home with your impact to get it done fast.

Milwaukee 18volt Combo

Durable and affordable, this kit has proven worthy of every day installations.

Milwaukee Sub-Compact Band Saw

Perfect for those conduit installations from an aerial lift.