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Kask Hard Hat

The latest in innovative safety gear for your protection

ANSI Rated Safety Glasses

Stylish and compliant, these wrap-around glasses are anti-fog and lightweight to keep you safe and comfortable all day.

More Featured Resources

Great White Gloves

Level 3 cut resistant with full dexterity, these gloves are sure to reduce hand injuries on and off the job

Eargasm Ear Plugs

Not only are these great for protection on noisy job sites, they’re also great for protecting your hearing from wind on you motorcycle and while enjoying live music too! The convenient carry case fits easily in your pocket so they are always available.

Arc Flash Kit

Stay safe with this 12-calorie rated suit when you’re exposed to arc flash hazards on the job. Know your level of exposure and choose the proper protection before you begin your work!

Safety Vest

Stay visible day or night with this highly visible reflective vest.

Personal Fall Protection

3 ring OSHA & ANSI approved safety harness

Guardian Fall Protection

11 foot retractable lanyard with carabineer